Digital Technology Consultation

  • Documenting detailed functional requirements and user experience requirements intended to meet the identified business objectives.
  • Researching the technology market for platform components planned for your digital solution and compare them in the context of the required functional portfolio.
  • Advising on optimal platform stack based on technological feasibility, cost-effectiveness and implementation timelines.
  • Building platform architecture and design considering all functional requirements, non-functional requirements and emerging technology trends.
  • Articulating the platform development methodologies along with continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Recommending the best information security framework and practices to safeguard customer and business data.
  • Recommending on optimal platform hosting options based on scalability and sizing requirements, government regulations, fault tolerance and BCP requirements etc.

Deliverables : Criteria-based comparison of target software vendors and a report on recommended vendors , Detailed Function Specification Document , Software Architecture and Technology Stack Recommendations , Software Development Methodology and Framework , Physical Infrastructure Architecture , Information Security Framework Recommendations.