Product Development

•Analyze the context of the product usage : needs and expectations of target users, user personas, estimated target market, device preference, region-based preference.

•Feature modeling and product backlog curation of not just the customer facing interface but also back-end business processes automation , 3rd party integrations and killer features to make the product marketable.

•Advise on disruptive emerging techs (AI , ML , Mixed Realities , Web 3 , IoT etc.) to ensure your product is future ready.

•Research on applicable compliance requirements GDPR , HIPAA , PCI DSS , FIPS , COPPA , etc.

•Architect a product using an optimal approach (multi-tenancy, microservices, etc.).

•Develop integration touchpoints to expand your product’s integration capabilities into other platforms.

•Design the user experience based on user personas and their respective user journeys. Based on this we build low-fidelity prototypes and high-fidelity interface designs.

•Deliver a detailed product releases plan with multi-phase sprints.

•Ensure on-time delivery of product releases according to the roll out plan.

•Setup CI / CD pipelines to ensure future releases of product modules are automated and seamless.

•Recommend the most optimal physical infrastructure or leverage existing infrastructure to launch the product.

•Post Go-Live, we implement behavior analytics to spot frictions in user journeys and help client business teams to plan UX and UI improvements based on behavior analytics insights and user feedback.

•Based on scope of work and product backlog requirements we also provide future enhancements and upgrades to the product.

Deliverables  :

Product Backlog and Release Plans , Product Technology Stack , Product Systems Architecture along with Integration , Product Data Model and Schema , Product User Journey Maps and UI Designs , Product Code Base along with Testing artifacts , Product Physical Infrastructure Architecture ,  Product Usage Static Reports , etc.