Product and Enterprise Software Modernization

•We analyze the Product and Enterprise Software targeted for modernization and recommend on reducing Technical Debt

•We examine the architecture and infrastructure of a legacy Product and Enterprise Software.

•We provide recommendations on

•Refactoring and migrating traditional monolithic products into nimble, scalable, Kubernetes container-based microservices platforms.

•Enabling software portability , agility and automation using Kubernetes-based containers for cloud-native development and product modernization.

•Achieving higher levels of modularity to add new micro frontend architecture functionality seamlessly.

•Cloud migration based on a fitting approach (re-hosting, re-platforming, or re-factoring).

•We follow industry best practice to Product Development and Enterprise Software Development.

Deliverables  :

Legacy Product / Enterprise Software Functional and Non-functional Gaps , Legacy Product / Enterprise Software IT Ecosystem Architecture , Software Architecture and Technology Stack Recommendations , Software Development Methodology and Framework , Physical Infrastructure Architecture , Information Security Framework Recommendations.