MVP Development

•We align to the business teams in our organization for new product development by ideating and conceptualizing MVP boundaries.

•We define feature priorities and freeze on MVP functionality.

•We determine tech stack and architecture for the MVP such that it can carry forward to actual product development.

•We advise on disruptive emerging techs (AI , ML , Mixed Realities , Web 3 , IoT etc.) to ensure your MVP is future ready.

•We evaluate and derive industry regulations, government policies, law enforcement criteria and various certifications needs like GDPR , HIPAA , PCI DSS , FIPS , COPPA , etc.

•We deliver a detailed implementation roadmap from MVP actual product roll out.

•We design UX and UI wireframes , low-fidelity prototypes and high-fidelity interface designs.

•We conduct MVP development and testing along with integrations with third-party systems or other internal IT asset.

•We setup physical infrastructure or leverage existing infrastructure to launch MVP.

•We monitor MVP performance evaluation and help business team articulate further iterations.

Deliverables :

MVP Product Backlog , MVP Technology Stack and MVP Architecture , MVP Data Model , MVP UI Designs , MVP Code Base , MVP Physical Infrastructure Architecture ,  MVP Usage Static Reports , etc.