Enterprise Software Development

•We analyze the broad business strategy (e.g., company growth trajectory , IT strategy etc.) that can affect architectural and technology choices for planned Enterprise Software.

•We document key business processes and their interaction with existing enterprise applications / data models along with the capabilities and limitations of the existing IT ecosystem.

•We evaluate risks of possible negative impact on business processes due to the introduction of the new system (e.g., lost productivity and downtime associated with transitioning to new digital processes, business user training).

•We articulate detailed functional requirements and nonfunctional requirements along with technical specifications for the enterprise software.

•We detail the application integration architecture design along with data flow / data transformation across enterprise systems.

•We build wireframes for conceptualization and convert these to high fidelity designs and low fidelity designs depicting the information architecture , user journeys , user interactions etc.

•Database / Information Store Development – to build data structures and data models that will preserve information / data for the Enterprise Software.

•Back-end Development – to build the server side and APIs of new Enterprise Software. It also includes integration with other business applications and data stores.

•Front-end Development – to transform static interface images provided by UI designers into a fully functional enterprise client side and ensure its communication with the server.

•We inspect the legacy data in sunset application avoiding duplicated or inconsistent data. We extract , transform and load the legacy data into new Enterprise Software.

•We build continuous improvement and continuous delivery automation for automated deployments.

•Setup training sessions and training manuals for educating users / stakeholders on Enterprise Software usage.

Deliverables  :

AS-IS Business Process Map , Restructured Business Process Recommendations , IT Ecosystem Architecture , Program Backlogs with Business Impacts and Release Plan , Software Technology Stack , Software Systems Architecture along with Integration , Software Data Model and Schema , Software User Journey Maps and UI Designs , Software Code Base along with Testing artifacts , Software Physical Infrastructure Architecture ,  Software User Manuals and Training Guides.