Data Intelligence and Visualization Engineering

•We determine current and future business needs to meet with a Data Lakehouse project by identifying Data Lakehouse users’ goals / expectations and by articulating security and compliance needs for the Data Lakehouse .

•We design all the components of the Data Lakehouse solution all existing and future data sources required for seamless analytics.

•We design Data Lakehouse architecture to deliver multi-layers of data curation ( Bronze , Silver and Gold ).

•We recommend the best fit architecture (Fast Data Architecture , Batch Processing , Near Real time Processing , ETL , ELT etc.)

•We recommend on choosing between on-premises and in-cloud Data Lakehouse deployment and outlining cloud deployment options (public, private, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud).

•We design data pipelines to collect , transform and store the data in required form to enable data democratization.

•We setup Metadata schema of the data for easy traceability of data while in-flight or while in-store.

•We setup data cleansing and data enrichment processes for data richness.

Deliverables :

Data Source Analysis , Business KPI library , Business Analytical Need Specification , Data Quality Framework , Data Security Framework , Data Store Design , Data Pipeline Design , Master Data Management Specifications.